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Welcome to Puddha’s Palace

My name is Ash Molloy and I first started breeding Oriental cats in 2003, after having a life long passion for ‘skinny and pointy’ cats.  After almost 13 years, and for a number of reasons,  I have stopped breeding cats.  I would like to thank everyone who has given a permanent, loving home to a Puddha Cat. I am still here, should you need my assistance with anything regarding one of the cats I brought into the world. Very best wishes to them all.

The rare and wonderful Slate Flash of Puddhas’ Palace, a lilac and white Javanese/OLH.  He and his brother Chalkhill Blue were the first bi-coloured Javanese to be born in the UK.


Peachy Ghost of Puddha’s Palace, a cream point Balinese

I was the UK’s first breeder of rare Tibetan cats.

Yushi of Puddha’s Palace, my homebred Tibetan, was 3 times Best In Show – New Breeds.


All our cats lived indoors because they are part of our family.  Our kittens were born and raised in the heart of the house where they could be properly socialised and accustomed to family living.

A litter of our kittens taking over the sofa.

Cat breeding is a hobby.  I did it because I had passion for it.  I really enjoyed all aspects of it: studying pedigrees, planning matings, watching birth, raising kittens, meeting new people and showing off my beautiful cats.

Jonas Bjorkman of Puddha’s Palace – My first Seychellois Longhair, father to Slate Flash, Chalkhill Blue and Pr. Speckled Wood of Puddha’s Palac

I produced some of the first Seychellois Longhairs and the very first bi-coloured Javanese in the UK.

Chalkhill Blue of Puddha’s Palace, as a kitten, blue and white Javanese/OLH.


Garden Tiger of Puddha’s Palace, a rare van patterned Seychellois Shorthair.

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