Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about Puddha’s Palace Cats:

“Ash certainly knows her cat’s/kittens and has proved to be an extremely caring breeder who knows just about everything there is to know about these wonderful cats. If ever I had a problem I would call Ash for advice and was never disappointed. Our boy Blue (North Wind) was just purrfection in every way. He was extremely handsome, very loving, funny, smart and very sociable. He settled into our home instantly. He was an extremely confident boy and showed very little fear. Unfortunately we took the decision to let Blue roam our big back yard but unfortunately over time he found a route which took him to the front of our home, and although a very quiet road all of the above combined led to a very tragic Road accident in which he died. I cannot put into words the grief and sadness and even now after 8 months still find it very difficult to come to terms with. The only comfort was the arrival of Mr Beau Jangles (breeder: Angela McCallum) in February this year, Beau is Blue’s nephew and although quite different in personality just as precious – he is kept indoors.

I would like to add that these little darlings are extremely inquisitive and no matter how much you keep your eye on them they will get themselves into trouble at times’

Ash will only sell to vetted caring owners – I think this speaks volumes on how much she cares for her kittens. Ash did recommend that we keep our cat indoors, a recommendation I now wish I’d followed.

I would absolutely recommend Puddha’s Palace cats.”

(Donna, Aberdeen)



“My two Puddha kittens are Guyn (balinese) and Tingry (the tibetan).  I thought the service provided excellent since the day of my enquiry i was told everything that i wanted to know. The videos that you used to send me was very valuable for me to envisage even their personalities. Since the first vaccination, chipping , neutering!    I had my previous experience in getting a pedigree kitten he came with all vaccination but he was not neutered nor chipped.

When i went to collect them you were very considerate to bring them over where it was easier for me to get them.
When you expressed that should i no longer was able to care for them you mentioned that i could not re home them without first consult you. I flt so re assured when i heard that.  In my opinion you showed how much you cared for the kittens. I could not expect more than what you did.  In my home I had one adult cat but the kittens settled down very well on the first day they were very calm and did not seems to bother them at all if they were with me all long . They were very friendly with other people not just with me.  I could not wish for more, I am more than HAPPY! They are adorable gorgeous affectionate!
I would recommend highly to my friends!  Keep on with your good job!”
(Mikiko, London)
Guyn and Tingry

“When we first saw Magic we could see he had been brought up in a lovely family home. His early environment has made him a well adjusted cat. Magic had clearly been handled from the start and is very friendly. Also he is well mannered – he used the stropping posts from the start, never furniture or carpets.  He was six months old when we got him and we already had 3 adult cats with their heirarchy. So Magic was frightened for a few days but after a week all four were sleeping together.

Magic is a little treasure. He is very distinctive in appearance and has a lovely Siamese shape. he is not greedy and keeps nice and slim.

We would definitely go back to Puddha’s Palace and definitely recommend Ash as a breeder.  We always follow the new kittens on the website.  We love the videos. It is lovely to be able to follow the progress of Puddha’s Palace cats, especially the Wimbles litter.”

(Glynnis and Clare, Pembrokeshire)



There is no breeder more professional and more caring than Ash! Her devotion to all her kittens is inspiring and shows in her litters. Ash turns out some real induvidual characters in all her cats as well as some real beauties!

When I first contacted Ash she instantly made me feel at ease and was just as concerned that I was a reputable buyer as I was her a breeder. Nothing but honest and up-front, Ash makes the process of buying one of her kittens a fluid processes for both owner and cat. Not only does she enjoy breeding them but her enthusiasm for updates on them just makes you feel less like a cat buyer and more part of an extended family!!! I feel reassured that no matter what might occur Ash will always be there to offer advice and help in anyway she can.

My soppy Rasputin is the most charasmatic and chatty cat I’ve ever owned and my delicious Pandora is an absolute queen with a playful naughty streak. They have the most fantastic temperments and are wonderful with both children and dogs.

I am proud to own a Puddha cat and am always keeping my eye on every new litter Ash has in the hope to add yet another furry memeber to our family!”

(Amelia, Welshpool)

Seal Seychellois, Rasputin, and his Tabby Javanese daughter, Pandora.

We can’t thank Ash enough for our wonderful brothers, Rico and Lev. After the heartbreaking death of our adopted Balinese boy, we set about looking for a breeder with the highest ethical and welfare standards – and that was Ash at Puddhas Palace, nobody else came close.

Having never gone through the process of buying a pedigree kitten, there were a lot of uncertainties and many questions, all of which Ash addressed with her customary friendliness, honesty and expertise. To this day (almost a year on) I still contact her if I have any questions and she’s always so professional and so generous with her time and knowledge.

The most important issues for us were that our kittens had come from a loving background where they’d been raised as pets, that they would grow to be confident, stable cats with big personalities, and that we would find a breeder who shared our values regarding animal welfare – we struck lucky on every count with Puddhas Palace.

And so we have our 2 adorable, hilarious boys – Rico loves fruit, carrying slippers about, fetching sticks and being carried around the house inside anyone’s jumper ‘papoose’ style. Lev is an altogether more serious character, he’s a thinker, fiercely independent, so bright and so interesting. They bring us joy and laughter every day, thank you so much Ash, we can’t recommend you and Puddhas Palace highly enough.”

(Anne-Marie & Quinto, Shropshire)

Rico and Lev

“Lacey is our fourth Balinese and she is by far the most socialised, friendly, loving and well trained kitten we’ve had. She’s had many, many visitors and has been perfect with all of them. She’s settled in so quickly and has caused no trouble whatsoever. By far the greatest surprise has been with our other cat Mina. After a few days of stares and hisses, Mina has taken Lacey in as the daughter she’s always wanted. The two are inseparable and where there’s one, the other is not far away. (See the picture we sent which we think sums up their bond.) Even our eldest cat Luna, who doesn’t really like anyone or anything bothering her, has taken a shine to Lacey. Not only are we happy with Lacey but the service we received from Puddha Palace was amazing. They were so friendly, helpful and just such wonderful people who continue to provide advice and friendship. We cannot recommend them enough as all their kittens were amazing and so well cared for and loved.”

(The Marsden family, Norwich)

Lacey with Mina

“I cannot thank Ash enough for bringing this beautiful baby into my life! My little prince seal point seychellois, Simba, is an absolute bundle of joy.  Surprisingly he is getting along well with our older kitten, Albi.  I think Albi is very happy with his new buddy 🙂

From day one Simba was so confident and comfortable with being in my house. All of Ash’s kittens are well looked after and her knowledge of the Orientals is so impressive, I have learn’t so much from you Ash, so thank you very much for that. Simba is so happy here and he’s such an attentive and affectionate lil boy, I adore him!

As for the whole process of purchasing my baby, it was smooth sailing and extremely professional. Me and Ash are still in contact with each other as I often ask her for advice and once again, she is so helpful and friendly. If I had my way, I would keep buying my kittens from Puddha’s Palace but I think I better stop at 2 now!!! So I would like to say a massive thank you to Ash and Puddha’s Palace for completing my family! Wish you all the success.”
(Ambi, Surbiton, Surrey)

Simba and Ambi

“After the very sad deaths of 2 of our cats in one week, we decided as a family that we would very much like to be owned by another Oriental cat. So we went on a ‘cat hunt’!

We came across ‘Puddhas Palace’ and our little ‘Ushakaron of Puddhas Palace’.   I went to see him and fell head over heels in love.   Ash was truly professional and enlightened me to a lot of information about the breed that i did not know. I could tell that she really knew ‘her stuff’ and was so devoted to her ‘babies’.

Well it transpired that Naillai, mummy to the kittens was in need of a pet home as she had been retired from breeding and i couldn’t resist her.  So we had mum and baby, who we renamed ‘Silas’. They have subsequently settled into our home and now rule the roost as a naughty, comical but loving duo. Naillai is elegant, lean and a little tom-boy, Silas is a little squirt who tends to warm his bottom on the key board of my lap top!

I am indebted to Ash as she has made our family complete again. We lost a beautiful Oriental called mouse far too soon but these 2 monkeys are definitely filling the gap and much more too. Thank you Ash. xx xx with very much love.”

(Heidi, Minsterley, Shropshire)


“I’ve never seen a cat like Ruby before: she is the most loving little girl, always after kisses. She comes to bed with us every night.  You couldn’t wish for a better kitten, love her to bits.”

(Linda, Abertillery, South Wales)


“Thank you so much for my new baby, Elwood, he is just so adorable and has the most super laid-back nature. He settled in very quickly and is enjoying the company of my other cats and dogs. It was lovely meeting you, your family and all of your beautiful cats and kittens, I could honestly have taken them all. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who would love a new adorable kitten.”

(Angela, East Kilbride, Scotland)

Baby Elmo, now Premier Elmo

“I would definitely recommend buying a Puddha kitten. I travelled from Glasgow to pick up my boy and i am chuffed to bits with him. Ash is such a lovely person and was very professional from first contact to pick up and even emailed to see if we all had a safe journey home. Thanks Ash for my wee Jack Sparrow.”

(Nikki, Glasgow, Scotland)

Jack Sparrow

“I would like to say a massive thank you Ash, for letting me have my lovely Oriental Shorthair kitten, Jake. Jake settled in so well, he is really well socialised and loving, a real character, i feel so lucky to have him.

Ash is very profesional from first contact, taking her part seriously and making sure her lovely cats go to good homes. We travelled from Essex to Wales to collect Jake and it was well worth the journey, in fact it was an excuse to spend a couple of days in the fantastic Welsh countryside. Thanks again Ash, i cant recommend you high enough.”

(Lynn, Chelmsford, Essex)


“My three Puddha cats (two Balinese and one Oriental) are the most beautiful and formidable creatures and I feel so very lucky to have them around me every day! Their breeder, Ash, has been very approachable and supportive throughout the ‘adoption’ process. She even picked me up from Welshpool station when I first travelled by train from Liverpool to choose a kitten! The most difficult part was to decide on a kitten because they were all as beautiful as each other. Ash was very patient and let me take as much time as I needed. There was no pressure at all to buy.

The kittens were bred and raised in Ash’s welcoming home as part of the family and as such were well socialised with young children, a dog, and of course quite a few other cats around. Ash shows an all important responsible and ethical approach to breeding and continues to be available for (in my case much needed) support after the kittens have been homed.  My two Balinese (brother and sister from March ‘08 litter) were not very impressed when my new Oriental kitten (boy from February ’09 litter) arrived and it has taken a long time for him to settle in. Ash has given her support freely. Thank you Ash!”

(Andrea, Liverpool)

Rufus and PollyBear

“Having collected Maluku she settled in very quickly, in fact the first day. I would highly recommend you as a breeder, you are the best I have met. Maluku was so well socialised by you and your family. When it is time for me to have another kitten, I will certainly return to you.”

(Annelly, Worthing, W. Sussex)


I’d just like to thank you Ash, for not one but two, gorgeous cats. Not only are they the most adorable additions to our family, they are very loving, intelligent, goodlooking and such great fun. I can’t believe kittens can be so well socialised that they settle in to their new homes almost instantly. They are not shy, timid cats, they have character and spirit. I could not imagine life without them, and only wish I’d found you sooner. You have such a wonderful and informative website, that i still go on to check how all the kittens are getting on. Thankyou for such a pleasant experience during the whole process of finding, choosing, buying and homing 2 gorgeous kittens. I can’t praise you enough. “

(Rebecca, Harlech, North Wales)

Nusa and Willow

“We found our ideal Balinese kitten on the Puddha’s Palace web site. Ash was very welcoming but she was equally keen to understand the circumstances her kitten would be moving to, how we intended to care for a kitten when we were out for much of the day and how our 15 year old boy, Chino, would cope with a such a young addition to his established way of life. After several calls, we realised that a kitten wouldn’t be right for us. Ash, however, had a one year old Balinese, Isla, that she wanted to breed from and then find a good home for, so we made arrangements to visit.

Although the round trip was the better part of six hours we were well rewarded. Needless to say once we met Isla we instantly fell in love with her. Isla had only just been mated so we had quite a few months to wait until the kittens – the Isletas – were born and weaned. We were able to keep abreast of the entire process via the Puddha’s Palace website with regular updates and pictures.

Chino was a little reluctant to accept an intruder at first but Ash had been correct in her assertion that a cat would fit much better than a kitten. Delilah persevered in her attempts to befriend him and they now play and sleep together happily.

She is the happiest cat we have ever owned. She plays and cuddles and is a little mischievous. In her world everything is a game and we spend hours laughing and just watching her. We no longer have the Sunday “lie in” as she deems the world starts at 6.30, but hey – life is too short to sleep anyway. We have playtime each evening at 9pm, no matter what, and she sits with her toys until we join in.

Shortly before Delilah’s arrival Chino was diagnosed with renal failure so we know we will soon need to find a friend for Delilah, and will most certainly go to Ash first. She has been very helpful from the start and all the cats we have met at the Palace have all been a delight. We would heartily recommend Ash and Puddha’s Palace to anyone.”

(Paul and Karen, Buckinghamshire)

Delilah and Jerico

“Ash is spot on with her description. We have 2 Oriental Shorthairs that we bought from her and they are the most incredible pets you could wish for with amazing behaviour and temperament – almost non-cat like in certain ways (quite dog-like sometimes). If you’re after an independent cat who mostly does their own thing and usually only interacts with you sparingly on their own terms, then go elsewhere. However, if you’re after a highly intelligent cat who is faithful, loyal, gentle, creates an incredibly strong bond with you, wants to be at your side, follows you around and is obedient (yes – really!), then look no further.”

(Alun, Wheatley, Oxon)

Som and Sang

“Few breeders exist in my area for Oriental cats and while finding out that Puddhas Palace was based about a four hour drive from my home, I knew that given the service I had received by phone and the website information, these would be kittens from a breeder who was all about the kittens. I was not disappointed. From the early stages of choosing my kitten, I was given the opportunity to be involved in its development; from things to encourage, discourage or even give her a name (if I’d been decisive enough to have found one at that stage). Ash is keen to know about her kitten’s development when it leaves too, so does not forget you when you have paid for the kitten – which is really nice. I now also have Bob (Iorek), after Lela’s behaviour proved she needed a friend, two are definately company! So I made the journey twice and would quite happilly do it again if I decided to increase the number of paws in the house. They are fabulous cats, in form and personality and Ash has to be given a lot of credit for that.”

(Alex, Bristol)

Lela and Bob

“A couple of years ago I lost my beloved thirteen-year-old Balinese boy, Henry, to cancer. Although he was irreplaceable, it seemed a good idea to find another of his breed who then might have similar traits. My daughter came across such a litter at Puddha’s Palace, which we decided to take the long journey to view. Of the available kittens, choosing did not pose too much of a problem for us. They were all adorable, but Lily the Balinese made it easy by immediately settling down on my daughter’s lap and thereby sealing the deal. This cat is not a Henry, but goodness me she is a real Lily. We absolutely adore her – she is very loving, follows us around like a dog, is the first of our cats to have her own toy box and insist on us playing with her and she also makes a very good hot water bottle. All this plus the pleasure she gives by just being so beautiful. Purely on the strength of Ash Molloy’s obvious integrity and very high ethical standards in her cat breeding, I would definitely not hesitate to make the journey again to acquire another kitten from her. Apart from anything else, the route to her home is exquisitely scenic and it is very easy to treat it as an excuse for a rare outing.”

(June, Gloucestershire)


©The Original Puddha Cats

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