We no longer have kittens available for adoption. Thanks to everyone who has given a permanent, loving home to a Puddha Cat.

Read about our adoption process below.

Chalkhill Blue of Puddha’s Palace one of our unique and precious bi-coloured OLH/Javanese babies.  He is blue and white and pictured here at 10 weeks old.

Our kittens are ready to leave home from around 13 weeks of age after being:

weaned, wormed and litter trained,

health checked by a veterinarian,

fully vaccinated,



registered with Felis Britannica (FIFe) or GCCF.

loved, played with and properly socialised.

Crouching Tiger and Precious Gem of Puddha’s Palace

Puddha kittens leave for their new homes with:

a certified pedigree,

a comprehensive information pack,

four weeks free insurance with Pet Plan,

vaccination record,

microchip details,

a contract of sale,

a supply of familiar food,

a lifetime of support, help and assistance for their new families.

White Wave of Puddha’s Palace


We charge £400 for our kittens.  People often ask why pedigreed cats cost so much.  I estimate that it costs over £300 to raise each kitten.  This has risen sharply in the past year 😦  Raising costs include: food, litter, registration, vaccinations, neutering, microchip and vets fees.  In addition to this I pay out annually for insurance, club subscription, website hosting, advertising, DNA testing, blood tests and stud fees. And if I show my cats, that costs too. On top of all the expense I work extremely hard raising and socialising our kittens so that other people can treasure them.  If you see kittens advertised for significantly less there is usually something amiss.  To find out more about the cost of raising kittens you may want to read the following article:

How much does a kitten cost?

Some of our bi-coloured kittens

Our process of adoption:

If you make contact by email I will send you our ‘kitten enquiry form’ just to get a few details from you.  Alternatively, give me a call.  We can then usually make an arrangement for you to visit.

Visits are friendly and informal.  They give us the opportunity to get to know each other better.  You can meet all our cats, look over the kitten’s paperwork and ask any relevent questions.  There is no obligation to buy and I reserve the right to refuse to sell.  After the visit you can go away and have a think before commiting to one of our kittens.

To reserve a kitten you will need to pay a deposit of £100.  The deposit is non-refundable.  Once I receive your deposit your chosen kitten(s) is reserved for you until collection at around 13 weeks of age.

On collecting your kitten you must sign our legally binding contract of sale.

At any point along the way and even after taking your kitten home I am available to answer your questions.

Peachy Ghost of Puddha’s Palace

Breeding and Show Cats

I am working towards a personal goal, specialising in Oriental Longhair (Javanese) cats.   If you are looking for a show cat please state this in advance as only a few kittens will have show potential.

The vast majority of Puddha kittens will be already neutered before leaving me.  I consider selling cats for breeding to people who have high standards of cat welfare and who know what they are trying to achieve.  If you are interested in a breeding cat please talk to me about this in advance.

If there is anything else you would like to know about adopting a Puddha kitten, please contact me.

Arctic Fox of Puddha’s Palace


If you would like to enquire about anything in these pages please email me at:

If you are enquiring about kittens I will send you a kitten enquiry form or you may prefer to call me on 01743 242698.

NB occasionally emails sent from my account go straight into other peoples’ ‘spam’ folders. I respond to ALL emails received so if you don’t get a reply check your spam or give me a call.

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