October 2015

I have decided to hang up my breeding hat for a while as I really don’t have the time to dedicate to it as much as I should.  In light of this I have decided to rehome my girls Tate and Aspen.  If you are interested in offering one of these stunning young ladies a home then please contact me.

I am looking for a new home for Emilio who is now neutered and retired from breeding.  He is a such a beautiful cat but he is shy and will need time and patience.  If you are interested in offering a home to an adult cat, please let me know.


September 2015

Almost one year after her first litter, Tatewin has given birth to her second litter…. A duplicate of the first.  We have two chocolate silver tabby Oriental Shorthairs, one boy and one girl.  They were born on 16th September, 7 hours apart! They are yet to be named.  Updates to follow.

August 2015

Has it really been so long since I updated the news page? Oh my goodness.  Well I have news: Tatewin is pregnant and will be presenting her new family in mid September, almost a year after her first litter.  And who is daddio?  Well he is called Emile and he is a cinnamon blotched tabby Oriental Shorthair.  He has been staying with us, for some time, on loan from my good friend, Joann Hanmer (CymruCaths/ Al Amar).  The offspring from this mating will be Oriental Shorthairs, mostly tabbies and all chocolate or lilac in colour.

November 2014

Dax and Tate’s kittens have arrived.  They were born on the 30th October.  Just three!  You can see them on The Little Monsters page.

October 2014

Ooh such a long time since I last posted news.  I guess there hasn’t been a great deal of news on the cat front and life has been very busy for me otherwise but….  I do now have news because Tatewin and Dax are expecting kittens any day now and I am very much looking forward to their arrival.  I’ll post again in a week or so.

March 2014

We have moved home (again) and are now living in the heart of Shrewsbury and here we hope to remain.  The cats have settled in really well.  They weren’t keen on the boxes at first but they’re used to the them now 😉

I would like to wish a happy first birthday to our Sioux Tribe litter for the 16th March.  Now that Tatewin is all grown up I would very much like to have a litter from her so await her first ‘call’ (estrous).  I think Dax is now willing and able to become a dad.  I’ll post news of that as soon as I have it.

December 2013

Season’s greetings to all our followers and apologies for the long absence.  As you’ve probably guessed we have no news.  It is highly unlikely (due to her age and long period since last calling) that Sioux will breed again so now our hopes for kittens are pinned on her lovely daughter, Tatewin.

Tate is a really big, mature girl and I hope that she will become a mum early in 2014.  I will take her out to stud if Dax is not ready to be a dad.  We’ll see how things pan out and as soon as I have news I’ll post it.

Until then, warm wishes for a happy new year.

September 2013

I was hoping to be able to report on a pregnancy by this point but unfortunately Sioux has not called (come into season) since early Summer so I have not had the opportunity to take her for a mating.  It is disappointing as I was really looking forward to having another litter.  Fingers crossed she will call soon.

July 2013

The Summer is upon us and all our kittens have flown the nest, well all except one.  We have kept Tatewin of Puddha’s Palace as a companion for Sioux and hopefully in time she will have kittens of her own.  We hope to have a nice relaxing Summer and plan our next litter of kittens for the Autumn.  I’ll post news as and when I have it.

Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter

March 2013

At long last we have new kittens!  Hooray!  My fantastic mummy Blue Sioux gave birth to 8 beautiful babies on Saturday 16th March, just in time for the snow :-/  See them on their dedicated page the Sioux Tribe.

Proud mum Blue Sioux with her magnificant 8.

Proud mum Blue Sioux with her magnificant 8.

February 2013

Our two new girls are now here and settling in nicely. Bundook Blue Sioux is pregnant to Ch. Loricha Bundook Boy (Stanley).  Kittens due in March.  I can hardly wait!

Soox 008

Blue Sioux is expecting kittens in March.

January 2013

I have much news to report, the first is quite awful.  My precious Tibetan boy, Yushi, has gone missing.  He came out of the house one morning as I was seeing my girls onto the school bus.  This was nothing unsual but on that particular day I was in a mad rush and left the house without checking that he’d gone back in.  When I got home he was missing.  All attempts have been made to locate him but all have failed so far.  He’s been gone for almost a month now with no trace 😦

Where is Yushi now?

Where is Yushi now?

His dad Phoenix is rather lonely without him.  We have Dolly the Oriental but she doesn’t socialise with him.  Skye is living with a friend as she and Phoenix did not get on.  Phoenix has now been neutered. But fresh blood is soon to arrive….

Crystal Millie, daughter of White Wave of PP, grandaughter of Ch. Firousi Fareeda.

Crystal Millie, daughter of White Wave of PP, grandaughter of Ch. Firousi Fareeda.

Crystal Millie, a Seal Seychellois Longhair, is arriving here this Sunday and I’m very excited to have her.  Blue Sioux, a blue Javanese, is currently with stud, hopefully making babies.  Once confirmed pregnant, she’ll come here too and at long last we’ll have a litter of kittens to enjoy 🙂

Bundook Blue Sioux with one of the kittens from her previous litter.

Bundook Blue Sioux with one of the kittens from her previous litter.

November 2012

Agghhh still no kitten news!  I’m fed up.  A whole year has passed since my last litter was born – The Winter litter. I’ve had Dolly and Skye for around five months and neither has called (come into season) in that time and so still I wait.  As Skye is now 7 years old I accept that she may have come to the end of her breeding life but what about Dolly??  She is a very shy girl but she is coming round bit by bit.  She is so pretty I would dearly love to have kittens from her and this will be Phoenix’s final litter.  I can’t keep him waiting forever though.  He is becoming a little frustrated with his lot and so I’m going to neuter him come hell or highwater by the new year.  So come on girls!

In the meantime Angela McCallum of Chakacats is expecting Balinese kittens soon.  These kittens will be my grandbabies and one or two may be coming back to Puddha’s Palace 🙂

September 2012

We have now moved house and Queenie, Lhasa, Jess and Morky have left us.  It was not an easy decision to do this but sometimes in life compromises have to be made.  It is disappointing to have brought my Tibetan project to an early close after making such a good start but I really need to scale down the breeding and as the Orientals are my first love, it was natural for me to concentrate my efforts on them.

As for Jess and Morky and my cinnamon longhair project – that was really decided for me – Jess refused to ‘come into call’, I feared she was not destined to be a breeding queen and as i had to cut down my number of cats for the move, neutering her was the sensible thing to do.  She is now living with a good friend in Shrewsbury and is loving her new life. 

Morky too has found a new family in Shifnal, Shropshire and is living with his Grandmother, Adajan Teardrop.  I can happily visit them both as they are with good friends of Puddha’s Palace.

Queenie was neutered and is living with four gorgeous Oriental cats in Hertfordshire. 

As for Lhasa she will hopefully be making a valuable contribution to the Tiffanie gene pool up in Scotland.

Phoenix is still entire and I hope to have another litter from him soon.  Yushi is neutered but as he is so very special he will be staying on with us.

I also have two girls who can be mated with Phoenix, Dolly, an Oriental variant and Skye a Balinese.

This is Skye.


These girls came from my friend Jan Read at Adajan in Suffolk before my decision to return to university.  I am hoping one of them will ‘call’ soon and mate with my handsome boy.  I’ll report news on that as and when I have it.

August 2012

I have decided to go back to university to do a masters. This means that my family and I will be moving out of our home in Wales and into a rented house in Shropshire.  I can’t take all my cats with me and I won’t have quite so much time to dedicate to breeding so will be neutering and rehoming some of my gorgeous felines.  If you are interested in offering a home to a Puddha Cat please get in touch.  Jess and Morky are available as neuters and Lhasa and Queenie as potential breeding pets or neutered pets.  Please enquire for more information.

June 2012

Another Best in Show New Breeds for Yushi at the Aristocats Cat Show in Lutterworth.  There are always some beautiful cats in this section but Yushi is such a stunning boy – he scooped the title again!  It is such a pleasure to show him as he is an incredible example of this rare breed and all the judges know it as soon as they lay eyes on him.

I also had the pleasure of seeing some other gorgeous cats from my breeding lines at this show.  Thanks to Sarah Flavell and Shelly Bramley for bringing out their adorable Seychellois and showing them off for me 🙂  Pictures below.

Being judged – Timor of Puddha’s Palace owned by Sarah Flavell

Being judged – Adwosh Saphirestar (Saffy) out of White Wave of Puddha’s Palace, owned by Shelly Bramley.

May 2012

Queenie has arrived! Yes we finally have our new girl and mate for Yushi.  She is a Blue Mink Tonkinese variant (shorhaired Tibetan) called Kamkai Queen of Harts.  She is only 3 months old and rather diddy but what a personality she has.  She is so loving and confident, a little star.  Thanks go to her breeder Jane Verlander of Kamkai cats in South Wales.

Queenie, our blue mink Tonkinese/Tibetan variant.

April 2012

I took Yushi to his first show yesterday – The Aristocats Club show in Swindon. He was judged using the FNK breed standard. His judge, Francoise Millicent from France, loved him! She said his type, coat, colouring, eyes, condition and temperament were all excellent. He beat two Australian Mists in the kitten class and was nominated for BIS New Breeds, where he beat two adult Australian Mists (stunning cats) to get his first Best in Show! I am absolutely delighted.  With thanks to his judges F. Millicent and A. Kneifel. (And Frank Mandix for the photo)

Yushi at the Aristocats show in Swindon.

More exciting show news…

Elmo in his show pen.

I am delighted to announce that Pr. Specked Wood of Puddha’s Palace became the first bi-coloured OLH (Seychellois Longhair) to gain a title in the UK.  He has been shown with the GCCF by Angela McCallum.  Elmo, as he is known to his friends, is the brother of Flash and Phoenix.  As well as being a stunning cat he has the perfect show cat attitude.  He comes first in almost every class he’s entered in and both I and Angela are hugely proud of him.

Elmo gaining his first title.

March 2012

Spring is here, hooray! I’ve done a spring clean and have decided to change my website host in order to save some money.  With that we have a new domain name and can now be found here at

February 2012

Well our Winter Litter and Our Tibs are now all gone to their new homes.  All 11 were the most delightful kittens to raise, I have been so pleased with them.  I feel that I found top-notch homes for all my babies and wish them and their new families many years of wonderful Puddha-Cat-ness. Of course I have kept Yushi for myself and hope to find a girlfriend for him in the future.

I feel very proud to have raised the first litter of Tibetan cats in this country and what stars they are.  They all have the most confident, up-front personalities and when combined with their fantastic looks make them very desirable pets.  I hope to have another litter from Phoenix and Lhasa towards the end of the year.

Puddha’s Palace is now registered with NKU Sara, a Dutch cat club, and through them I can register all my Tibetan kittens and show them with Felis Britannica.  Our Tibetans may also be registered with TICA as they now recognise the Tibetan cat at a preliminary level, great news for the future of the breed in the UK.

November 2011

Cloudette’s kittens are here!

At the Felis Britannica Winners Show on 6th November, Phoenix got his third CAC so now has the title of champion.  I’m really proud of my lovely, good natured boy.

He is pictured here with Charles Spijker, a very nice judge.

October 2011

Very sad news to report: My most wonderful, dearest Odo died very suddenly of renal failure last week.  The shock and upset was immense but I have come to terms with it now and I’m thankful for all the hilarious memories I have of him.  He rests in the sunniest spot of our garden now, marked with the Puddha statue, which we named after him.  He was the original Puddha.

On a happy note, a VERY happy note, Lhasa has given birth to our very first litter of Tibetans. They are gorgeous and doing great.  More information on Our Tibs page.

Cloudette is getting rather big now as is due to give birth in around 3 weeks time.  Stay tuned.

September 2011

Pregnancy news: Lhasa is pregnant to Phoenix.  Tibetan babies coming soon!!  Cloudette has also mated with polygymist Phoenix.  I shall confirm her pregnancy in a couple of weeks.

July 2011

Phoenix got his second CAC at the Garden of England Cat Show in Northampton this month.

June 2011

We have show news!  We attended the Aristocats Club show under FIFe rules this month.  It was a shockingly bad start to what I had anticipated would be a long, glamorous career for my beautiful boy, Flash.  Although described as EXCELLENT in every criteria, Flash’s certificate (for title) was withheld because his eyes are more yellow than green.  I am extremely disappointed.

On the other hand Phoenix was nominated for Best Oriental and became an automatic winner – Best In Show Category IV. Our latest addition, Lhasa, a Brown Smoke Asian Longhair, also did well and was overall Best New Variety on the Sunday.

May 2011

Cloudette’s little cuties are here!  We have called them The Clouds.

April 2011

Sometimes I must report sad news: Very tragically we lost all but one of our Ladies litter.  Penelope died at 5 weeks and then Ochi at 6 weeks.  A bacterial bug was detected and the kittens responded well to antibiotic treatment but it was still too much for the smaller girls.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, this happens, some kittens just aren’t as robust as others.  Every effort was made to find and solve the problem but despite £100s in vets fees a definitive answer has not been available and these kittens were lost.  😦

March 2011

Cloudette is pregnant! A litter of Oriental Longhairs and Shorthairs expected, tabbies and bi-colours.  Due at the begining of May. Sire of this litter is Dingy Footman of Puddha’s Palace, pictured below.

Dad to be, Rasputin, Dingy Footman of Puddha’s Palace, a Seal Seychellois shorthair carrying longhair.

Rinca’s babies are here!  Just a little litter of 4 beautiful girls – The Ladies.

January 2011

Hooray, Rinca is pregnant.  The first definite signs show this week. Kittens due around the 9th March. Below is a picture of father to be – Esprit Armitage – a cinnamon Oriental Shorthair.

From this mating we can expect black, blue, chocolate and lilac Oriental Shorthair kittens,  as well as seal, blue, chocolate and lilac point Siamese kittens.  All kittens will be carrying the genes for cinnamon and longhair.

As for Cloudette, I am eagerly awaiting her next call, when she will hopefully be mated with none other than Mr. Dingy Footman of Puddha’s Palace. Can’t wait for that one.

December 2010

After many attempts, Rinca is not pregnant.  I have toyed with the idea of speying her and letting her go early to her pet home.  After some thought I’ve decided to try her with a different stud cat.  She is my only proven queen right now and I can’t afford to let her go.  So on her next call she’s be whisked up to Sheffied to visit a very handsome young man.

I am also assuming that Cloudette is not pregnant as the two girls shared the ‘boy cat’ when he was here.  As beautiful as Finley is, he’s still not quite mature enough with the ladies.  I am still hopefull but no definite sign of pregnancy yet.

October 2010

Well our news this month is all about Rinca. Rinca is in this month’s edition of The Cat Collection Magazine along with her very own replica called Mandi the Oriental Longhair.

As for the real Rinca, she went off to stud two weeks ago.  She stayed for a while but nothing happened so now she’s home and she’s brought her boyfriend with her:  El Amar’s Finley is a cinnamon Oriental Shorthair and is a mild mannered gentleman.

August 2010

Issue number 50 of The Cat Collection magazine is out, featuring none other than our home-bred lovely, Dewdrop of Puddha’s Palace (aka Leila the Seychellois).  There is even a toy replica of her in circulation!

On the 12th of August, Naillai went into labour (rather quietly) and at some point in the night gave birth to 7 wonderful kittens.  Sadly we lost a very special one on day 2.  The other 6 are doing really well. They are a lovely rainbow family.  I’ve called them the Autumn litter.  My first ever litters were called the Spring Litter and the Summer Litter.  Almost a full set 😉

The Moths and Butterflies have flown! Yes our stunning kittens from Terrie and Rinca have now all found homes and most have already left us. Wishing them lots of love and long lives with their new families.

July 2010

Our handsome boy, Jonas Bjorkman, has retired from breeding at the tender age of 12 months. He sired 3 litters for us so his work is now done. He has been neutered and has gone to his new home to begin life as a spoiled and much loved pet.   

Our precious Naillai is pregnant.  I am hoping for a very colourful assortment of kittens as is genetically possible with this mating (Naillai x Jonas).  Kittens due mid August.  Gosh, I do hope we find homes for the others first!

May 2010

Rinca gave birth to 5 baby boys on Monday 24th May. We have called them The Butterflies.

Terrie has given birth to 5 gorgeous little Seychellois kittens.  The 2 girls and 3 boys were born on Saturday 15th May.  We have called them The Moths as they were born on the same day that my new single was released ‘Moth’.

April 2010

Terrie is pregnant to Jonas.  Kittens due middle of May.  We are expecting a litter of Seychellois Shortairs and possibly the odd Siamese from this mating.

Pretty sure that Rinca is also pregnant to Jonas.  Kittens would be due around a week after Terries. We are expecting Oriental Longhairs, Seychellois Longhairs and Balinese from this mating.

March 2010

As of the 28th of March Terrie, aka Firousi Fareeda, is now Champion Firousi Fareeda! We attended two shows at the weekend and Terrie won CAC awards at both, which add to the one she had previously. She was also placed second in an ‘all breed’ side class, beating some very fine cats. The judge said that she was a ‘very classy girl’ and that her pattern was like a ‘festival of confetti’ – what a gorgeous description!

Some excellent news: I have just acquired a rare and lovely cinnamon classic tabby Oriental girl from my good friend, Joann Hanmer. Naillai is pictured below.

January 2010

We have started the year well, Terrie won her first CAC (towards her champion titile) at the Viking Cat Club show in Milton Keynes on Sunday 31st Jan.  She has also mated with Jonas so I am hopeful that she is pregnant, no signs as yet though.

December 2009

What a busy year we’ve had!  Our first kittens arrived in February and the last didn’t leave until recently so we’ve had little ones around for most of the year.  Now though there is relative peace and I hope it will stay that way for some months yet.  We are down to just 5 resident cats now: our 3 Seychellois and our 2 Orientals.  Next year we hope to have a litter of Seychellois kittens from Terrie and Jonas then later a litter of Oriental Longhairs from Rinca, who will go out to stud.  For now, we wish a very happy Christmas to all of our kittens in their new homes, to their families and to all Puddha’s Palace followers.

September 2009

Isla has now left the building.  Our beautiful, loving, not to mention very naughty, girl has left us to join her new family (Paul, Karen and Chino) in Buckinghamshire, where she is no doubt running the house! Her partner in crime, Teardrop, has also been ‘put out to pasture’.

August 2009

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Firousi Fareeda our new Seychellois girl.  Terrie, as we call her, surprised us when she suddenly became available after her breeder, Di Brown, decided not to keep her herself.  We hope she will be wonderful addition to our Seychellois programme.

July 2009

Our new litter are here and what a litter they are, Orientals and Seychellois and at least three of them are harlequin patterned, which is very rare in this breed.  I’m delighted with them.  They are called The Wimbles as they were born during the Wimbledon fortnight.

To balance out this happy news I must report that Naib, our Siamese neuter, has left us.  Naib was not happy here with the constant coming and going of kittens and didn’t like sharing his home with so many other cats, so after much consideration I very reluctantly let him go.  Naib is such a special little man and will always have a place in my heart, if not my life.  He is now being spoiled rotten by Julie, Bai, Rosie and Sam (close family friends) in Yorkshire.

June 2009

Isla’s kittens are here, they were born on 8th June. We have called them Las Isletas (the little islands).

Breaking news:  Teardrop is expecting again, kittens due late June.  Isla is very heavy and busy nesting, any day now her litter will arrive.  We can’t wait to see what we’ve got.

May 2009

Iorek Byrnison has now been neutered and has gone to live with his Sister, Lyra Silvertongue, in Bristol.  Iorek sired 3 litters for us.

April 2009

Wonderful news:  Isla is pregnant to Iorek Byrnison, kittens expected early June.  She is currently padding around the house purring and looking for laps to settle on. We could get Orientals, Siamese and Seychellois kittens in both shorthair and longhair varieties.  Fingers crossed for the right combination.

February 2009

They are here! Teardrop has given birth to a lovely litter of kitties ‘The Droplets’.

January 2009

Excellent news: we are expecting kittens from Iorek and Tear.  Expectant mum Tear is taking things really easy and just lazing round in the warmest spots all day.  Her tummy is really taking shape now.  Kittens are due around 31st January and we can hardly wait to see what is produced from this exciting mating.

November 2008

The news is – no news.  But as my last entry was in June I thought it only right that I should update the website to keep our visitors up to date with events (or should I say lack of events?)  Our lovely Teardrop was calling her head off all Summer and driving my neighbours nuts but it was all in vain as Iorek was still too immature to do anything about it.  Now, however, I have faith in him.  He is behaving in a very manly way towards the girls and I think he is just waiting for one of them to call.  Tear has been silent now for a few months so I’m becoming a bit worried (not to mention impatient) for her next call.  Sadly though we shall end the year without kittens.  I’d had a lovely idea of them running around on Christmas day through all the wrapping paper but it is not meant to be, for this year at least.  Isla is looking very well.  She is a really big girl, probably bigger than Tear or even her mum, Myla.  So I shall allow her to breed on her first call.  They can’t keep me waiting forever, so stay tuned.

June 2008

We have had a wonderful time this Spring with our two litters of fabulous kittens but now they have all moved on to their new homes.  We have kept two babies for ourselves: a boy from Ola’s litter and a girl from Myla’s litter and these two kittens should become partners later in life, hopefully producing some beautiful babies of their own.  First though, we hope to breed Iorek, our bi-coloured Oriental boy, with Tear, our Seychellois girl, once he is mature.

March 2008

Myla gave birth to a lovely litter of Balinese kittens on 18th March.  All doing well.

Hooray, our first litter of kittens in quite some time are finally here.  Ola’s bunch were born on 22nd February.

February 2008

Well our gorgeous new girl has arrived.  Teardrop is here but is still being treated as the ‘newcomer’.  She has had a bit of a bumpy begining with us but is starting to settle in now.  Although she is an adult cat we won’t be breeding her until later in the year.

Miss Myla has been back from stud for around 3 weeks now.  I’m supposing she is pregnant.  Kittens should be due in March.

January 2008

We are delighted to announce that Applejack Viola is pregnant.  Kittens are due to be born at the end of February.

Some other wonderful news is that we are soon to be joined by a new girl – Adajan Teardrop, a beautiful seal tabby Seychellois.

Myla will be going to stud at the end of the month.

December 2007

After a summer of fun our girls, Ola and Myla, are now one year old, fully grown and ready to breed.  I hope to take them to stud very soon so that we shall have kittens in the new year.

May 2007

We have now moved into our new home in Wales.  It was a very smooth transition and all the cats settled immediately.  They love it here.  The boys (neuters) have free access to miles of countryside from our back garden.  Whereas the girls await their new run to be built outside so that they can enjoy the fresh air and lovely view!

March 2007

We have been joined by two beautiful new girls, Applejack Viola and Mylynn Powdernpaint.    The two girls are already great friends, they are just one month apart in age and around the same size.  They are practically inseparable and have so much fun together.  They are looked after by Naib, our Siamese neuter, who is really good with them.  Ola can’t decide if Naib is her boyfriend or her mum and regularly tries to ‘milk’ him, which he actually seems to enjoy.

All being well, our girls should be mums-to-be themselves by the end of the year.

©The Original Puddha Cats