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Here at Puddha’s Palace our cats eat a Species Appropriate Diet which is the most natural choice and an essential part of their good health.  To find out more about it visit:

Cat Nutrition

BARF World

Justamere Ranch

We order all our fresh meat and wet food sachets from Nature’s Menu

We take a natural and holistic approach to health.  Our cats are registered with both conventional and homeopathic veterinary practices but we strive to raise them with as little intervention as possible.  To find out more about some of the alternatives available visit:


Shirley’s Wellness Cafe

British Association of Homeopathic Vets

We consider all different kinds of homes for our kittens but our preferred home is one which offers the cats access to an enclosed garden.  Cats love the outdoors and I think it is a shame to deprive them of this pleasure.  Enclosing your garden for your cat’s safety is an investment in their happiness and your peace of mind.  It also helps to protect Britain’s wildlife.  To find out how it’s done as well as finding tips on planting for a cat friendly garden visit the following links:

Feline Advice Bureau – cat proof garden

Tricks and Tails – instruction by pictures

Green Mountain Gardener – a garden for cats


At Puddha’s Palace we always aim to make the most ethical choices when shopping.  You may be suprised to find out that most of the ‘leading brands’ of pet food are actually tested on animals in an inhumane way. To find out more about which brands to avoid as well as those recommended please visit:

Uncaged Campaigns

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